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  • GILDAN ULTRA OR FRUIT OF THE LOOM HD brands used for tees, 6 oz., 100% pre-shrunk cotton, sport gray 90/10.  These are the highest quality tees that each brand here to check GILDAN and click here to check Fruit of the Loom blank t shirt reviews.
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FREE SHIPPING when you order 3 tee's of ANY design, size or color...U.S. only.


From its base at Petsamo, 14.(Jabo)/J.G. 5 flew missions primarily against Russian ships moving along the Barents Sea coast. Many operations were flown to the area of the Rybachiy Peninsula, which juts out into the Barents Sea 40 km north-east of Petsamo. Murmansk was another popular objective. Aside from shipping, 14.(Jabo)/J.G. 5 attacked airfields, harbours, and the vital Soviet railway running south from Murmansk. Based alongside the Staffel at Petsamo were the Messerschmitt Bf 109s of the Geschwaderstab and the III. Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 5, which provided the unit with fighter escort.  14.(Jabo)/J.G. 5’s first recorded loss occurred on 18 February 1943, when an FW 190 A-3 was involved in a landing accident at Alta airfield in northern Norway. Alta was probably where the unit undertook its training and preparations before being deployed to its operational base at Petsamo.  On 10 March an FW 190 A-3 belonging to the Staffel was slightly damaged in a Soviet strafing attack on Petsamo airfield, and ten days later the first FW 190 was lost on operations, when Fw. Friedrich Hammesfahr was shot down by fighters and wounded at Varlamovo near Severomorsk, eighteen kilometres north-east of Murmansk. Hammesfahr made it back to base and recovered from his injuries, and later served with the Focke-Wulf company, flying all FW 190 variants up to the FW 190 F-9, as well as the Ta 152.  For three weeks from 9 April, 14.(Jabo)/J.G. 5 focused its efforts on Soviet airfields in the Murmansk area, destroying a Hurricane on the ground on 19 April. Two pilots were lost to anti-aircraft fire in April. The first was Uffz. Kurt Dobner, on 5 April. He and some comrades attacked a 7,000-ton freighter with bombs, and then strafed ground targets, setting two barracks on fire. Soviet anti-aircraft guns on the coast then downed Uffz. Dobner west of Murmashi. Uffz. Kurt Wendler managed to fly back to Petsamo on 13 April and bail out of his damaged FW 190, but his parachute failed to open and he was killed. 14.(Jabo)/J.G. 5 was at the peak of its success in the late-spring of 1943. In a three-day period early in May, the Staffel reported sinking two Soviet submarines, a freighter and an auxiliary. On 7 May German reconnaissance aircraft spotted a convoy sailing across Motovskiy Gulf, and late that afternoon six FW 190s of 14.(Jabo)/J.G. 5, escorted by a Schwarm of Bf 109s, flew a mission to attack the ships, which were protected by twenty Hurricanes and P-39s. SC 250 bombs were dropped on the convoy, and Uffz. Karl-Heinz Froschek sank an ‘M’-class submarine, while the Staffelkapitän hit and sank a 2,000-ton auxiliary. However, the Luftwaffe escort fighters had no luck in the aerial combat.


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by Stephen
on 10/4/2014
Much to be appreciated
You made it!! Awesome, Thank you very much Achtung T Shirts for making the FW 190 shirt. I knew if you made one like I emailed you guys that it would look fantastic, superb even. I am going to order this today asap. Thank you for taking time to make this, ..Its totally killer, ...Sincerely Stephen.
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