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  • Professionally screenprinted or DTG processing...NOT an "iron on" transfer
  • GILDAN ULTRA OR FRUIT OF THE LOOM HD brands used for tees, 6 oz., 100% pre-shrunk cotton, sport gray 90/10.  These are the highest quality tees that each brand here to check GILDAN and click here to check Fruit of the Loom blank t shirt reviews.
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LENGTH INCHES 20 22 24 26


FREE SHIPPING when you order 3 tee's of ANY design, size or color...U.S. only.

Junkers Ju87 stuka 1/48

During World War 2, the Germans Wehrmacht engaged the use of not only their vaunted Panzers but also, the Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber immensely. The term "Blitzkrieg" is used to refer to a specific military strategy that the Germans include, which is to use speed and power to obtain a decisive victory. There is much debate over the originality of this military strategy. Eventually, historians agree that the method is not a new one. It is an old method that is engaged with new technology.  During WWII, thickly armored vehicle technology was maturing quickly. Tanks and planes often help in achieving swift victories. The Stuka dive bomber gained recognition because of its ability to execute ground attacks. It was feared by many and can be easily recognized due to its inverted gull wing design.  As a ground attack aircraft, the plane was highly effective. The new model helped the pilot to execute dives quickly and effectively. The aircraft was able to recover from the dive due to automatic pull-up brakes that were installed underneath both wings. Its greatest strength was its accuracy. In fact, the Ju 87 remained as one of the most accurate ground attack plane throughout the entire WW2. Even though it had some weaknesses, it was applied up to the last days of the war.  The plane was mostly used for precision ground attacks on enemy targets. Its sturdiness and stable speed made the plane ideal for attacking slow ground targets such as assault boats flak cannons, armored convoys and tanks.  However, its greatest strength also became its greatest weakness. These weaknesses were exposed in the sky. Modern fighter planes could easily take this plane out as they could out maneuver and outrun the Ju 87 Stuka. As a result, the Ju 87 rarely proceed on missions without fighter escorts. Without the escorts, the Ju 87 could be easily taken out.  Although the plane was sturdy and reliable, it had poor maneuverability when in the air. In addition, the speed was slow when compared to modern fighter plane. Any enemy aircraft could have intercepted the planes and cause the attacks to fail. But due to its ground accuracy, the Ju 87 planes continued to carry out Blitzkrieg missions. One can only imagine the fear that those on the ground feel when they hear the loud siren of the Ju 87 Stuka planes. The planes made no attempt to conceal themselves. The Germans knew what the airplane were capable of.  Blitzkrieg missions meant that the attacks were carried out with force, speed and precision. Without the awesome fire power of the Junkers Stuka, such attacks would be hard to carry out.

Stuka Ju-87 Dive Bomber from the German Luftwaffe in World War 2

The Battle of Britain (German: Luftschlacht um England or Luftschlacht um Großbritannien) is the name given to the air campaign waged by the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) against the United Kingdom during the summer and autumn of 1940. The goal of the campaign was to gain air superiority over the Royal Air Force (RAF), especially Fighter Command. The name derives from a famous speech delivered by Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the House of Commons: "The Battle of France is over. I expect the Battle of Britain is about to begin..." The Battle of Britain was the first primary campaign to be fought entirely by air forces, and was also the largest and most sustained aerial bombing warto that date. From July 1940 coastal shipping convoys and shipping centers, such as Portsmouth, were the main targets; one month later the Luftwaffe shifted its attacks to RAF airfields and infrastructure. As the fight progressed the Luftwaffe also targeted aircraft factories and ground infrastructure. Eventually the Luftwaffe resorted to attacking areas of political significance and using terror bombing tactics. The incapability of Germany to achieve its objectives of destroying Britain's air defenses, or forcing Britain to negotiate an armistice or an outright surrender, is considered its first major defeat and one of the imperative turning points in the war. If Germany had gained air superiority with the Luftwaffe, Adolf Hitler might have launched Operation Sea Lion, an amphibious and airborne invasion of Britain. The Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Bf 109E and Messerschmitt Bf 110C squared off against the RAF's workhorse Hurricane Mk I and the less numerous Spitfire Mk I. The Bf 109E had a better climb rate and was 10 to 30 mph faster than the Hurricane, depending on altitude. In September 1940 the more powerful Mk IIa series 1 Hurricanes started entering service although only in small numbers. This version was capable of a maximum speed of 342 mph, some 25 to 30 mph faster than the Mk I. The performance of the Spitfire over Dunkirk came as a surprise to the Jagdwaffe, although the German pilots retained a strong belief that the 109 was the superior fighter. However, the Bf 109E had a much larger turning circle than either the Hurricane or the Spitfire. The two British fighters were equipped with eight Browning 303 machine guns, while most Bf 109Es had two machine guns and two wing cannons. The Messerschmitt Bf 109E and the Spitfire were superior to each other in key areas; for instance, at some altitudes, the Bf 109 could out-climb the British fighter.


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